Operations Manager - a Man wearing a hat

Welcome our new Operations Manager – Plamen Stoev. Plamen is a Global Career Certified Consultant with a master’s degree in HR Management. He started working at ThingsLog in January this year.

Plamen is an agile team player with a non-typical approach to standard operating procedures. We’ve hired Plamen for his unique vision, his extensive experience in the fields of consulting and process development. As an Operations Manager, Plamen’s direct responsibilities include managing both the operations process, embracing design, planning, control and performance improvement.

Plamen has a degree in HR Management from the University of National and World Economy. Additionally, Plamen found himself in the area of Human Resource Management which allowed him to apply his skills in mentorship and traineeship. He worked at companies such as “Automotive Cluster Bulgaria”, “Comptel” and “Nokia” in the Balkan region.

If you like to get to know him more then you can reach out to Plamen. In his free time, Plamen likes to take walks, read books and hang out with his friends.

Now you can contact Plamen on Linkedin and pstoev@thingslog.com.

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